Pumpkin Spice Latte Nails. 3D Triangle rhinestones from bornprettystore.

I can literally smell Starbucks. 0.o

Gucci Nails:: 3D nail art bow from bornprettystore

Checking into fall nails;;Using 3D nail art decoration sent to me by bornprettystore

simple bridesmaids nail tutorial Using  bornprettystore 3D nail gems

appletastic back to school nail tutorial.

back to school nails.

Ed Sheeran X;; nails

 FIFA World Cup 2014;; nails 

✿✿Summer flower;;nails✿✿

the PERFECT baby shower nails! 

☀ NEON and summer ready nails 

Spring/ Summer break nail tutorial



(via overdid)